abbreviations and terminology

i was really confused when i was new in this corner of the blogging world by some of the shorthand used. i thought it might be helpful to create a list. please shout if there's anything you don't understand, and i'll try and explain it.

LFCA - lost and found and connections abound. it's a blog run by mel of stirrup queens where people can post news and announcements... you know, it's easier if you just click through and have a look. it's a great place anyway.

ALI - adoption, loss and infertility. this corner of the blog world.

TTC - trying to conceive.

DBM - dead baby mum/mom/mama. does what it says on the tin.

rainbow baby - not a phrase that i use, but it means a child after loss.  i take it to allude to the rainbow in noah's ark, but many people just see it as a rainbow after a storm.

and terms specific to my blog:

D is my DH (darling husband).  his name doesn't really start with D. he knows i have a blog and where to find it but doesn't read it.

snowflake is the nickname i use for the baby i lost.

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